Transcription ” how does Japan make international education hub? ~judo as national strategy~ “

I did a presentation at a startup event which was operated by a famous incubator, ETIC.  (the scene of event is here)

The  following is translated lecture text.


I am Shigeyoshi Sakai, representative of  “Crossing over the sea and playing judo, The world has changed “Executive Committee.

Our theme is that  “How does Japan  become international education hub in the world?”

There are three points.

First point.

The key of improving education and society is  “move”

If you move,  you go to the unknown world  and you will learn a lot of things there.

Study abroad is a typical example.

There are two cases.

One is US study abroad policy.

Please try to image that people from all over the world are going to US,

These are  600,000 people,

And they go back to their own country and they start business with people in US.

They grow,  US people grow and the World also grow.

The second case is  related with EU policy.

Europe had a lot of wars.

It’s useless. let’s stop.

So, what to stop it ?

30 years ago, EU decided to make more than 10% of European university students move around EU

It is called ”ERASMUS” ( European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students).

as a result, There are no longer war and EU has been growing as EU.

If people “Move”, people and society will grow.

So, each governments have work hard in order to make people “move”,

in other word, every governments try to make international education hub.

In Asia, of course Japan do.  Malaysia and Singapore also do.

The second point is that  there are areas where it is not moving.

Elementary school, junior high school, high school.

Is there people here who “moved” in elementary, junior high or high school?

It’s little. Because it’s compulsory education.

in  same place, with same members, you learn same contents,

you don’t move.

you learn without “move”

Don’t you think that this is strange?

Why not move.

If children and the youth start to move around the world,

If each children and the youth get 100 friends all over the world

Don’t you think that the world would become more interesting?

Actually, this area is the Blue Ocean.

It means that creating a new market, creating new learning method and creating a new type of school.

Finally, the third point.

Almost all the students are not moving.

So, what to make them move ?

We are paying attention to judo.

There are a lot of people around the world who are learning  something based on Japanese culture. not only judo but also karate and kendo are based on Japanese culture.

It means that they believe “these education based on Japanese culture is good.”

Can you image that there are a lot of these people all over the world?

It is said that judo population is more than 5 million people in the world.

They want to go to Japan.

Japanese children also want to practice judo abroad.

But they are not moving now.


Because no one help them.

That’s why we are started to support their ” move “ from this year.

This year, 12 Students are going to  Hawaii.

Next Spring, We will take students to Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.
We will increase the number of countries which they can go

And  we also will help foreign students with coming to Japan.

If Japan became international education hub of judo,

If 10% of 5 million Judo player “move”

I believe that the world will change.

This is our activity.

Thank you very much for listening to me.

if you think that this  approach is interesting,

or if you think that there is another approach,

Let’s talk together.

It’s has been only 8 month after we have started this activity.

our team has few members.

I am looking forward to talking with you.

Thank you.



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